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26th - 28th Sept

UK National Championships
2014 World AGM Minutes here

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If you are a UK registered, or based 'A' Cat sailor, we urge you to join the Class Association.  As the number of entrants we are allowed for the World Champs is based on the registered class membership, we need everyone we can get, so we have a good representation at the Worlds and Europeans. 

The A-Class catamaran is the fastest single handed racing cat in the world?

In fact it is arguably the world's fastest small sailing boat upwind? 

'Never start upwind of an 'A' Class unless you plan to tack off!'
* Please note - Time spent sailing an 'A' cat is NOT included in your lifespan. *

Last Update - 7th Sept  2014
Why Sail One?
Whereas most other racing classes are one-design, the A-Class is a development class and as a result it has become the very pinnacle of the high-tech sailing boat. 
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Welcome to the B.A.C.C.A. website!!
Built entirely from real carbon fibre!

This site has been created to promote the A-Class Catamaran sailing in Britain, inform
potential recruits and provide information for those who are already participating in this
most exciting of classes.
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A quick interview with Luna Rossa Pilot Chris Draper

'I cannot emphasize enough how much fun sailing a foiling boat is..... I have never been so excited now as I have been with the foiling!'
The BACCA Boys - Ally Pally 2014

Paul Shaw, Chris Field, Jamie Walker, Phil Neal, Jamie Rankin, Colin Bannister, Struan Wallace, Gordon Upton, Dave Lowe, Steve Sawford

This was our third show attendance at Alexandra Palace and the consensus was this was our best so far!

We had a factory fresh DNA that was the first to incorporate all the optimization bits developed over the last few months.  This had the beams 55mm further forward, board cases 100mm further forward and foil cases for the new shape kinked J boards moved to the outer edge of the hulls for extra lift and stability.

Chris and Gordon brought it back on the Thursday night before the show, so everyone mucked in when it arrived at the show on the Friday to fit the tramp and all the little bits Chris wanted adding.  It was complete when the tapered DNA mast and matched Mischa Heemskerke sail were added.
More here
Interview with Mischa Heemskerke.  A man who foils.

Quick Video interviews from Mischa Heemskerke and Chris Field.
2014 Datchet Report  More Cat Carnage

Last weekend, saw seven brave souls from all parts of the UK; compete in cold windy conditions at the traditional Datchet Open for fast cats. Chris, Derek and Struan, turned up early to practice on the Friday but the high icy winds made us think twice and we retired to the hotel bar, later to be joined by Jamie Rankin who manage to talk Derek into sharing his warm hotel room...Read On!

Kielder 'A' Class Cat TT and Dam To Dam Race 2014

Because the club was so welcoming and friendly last year, and the beer was so magnificently cheap, ten heroic 'A' cat sailors and the occasional accompanying WAG, ventured to the grim North on our pilgrimage to Kielder Water and the most remote sailing club in the UK, over the Mayday Bank Holiday.


BACCA Clothing
YES!  You too could look as stylish as these distinguished gentlemen in a personalised BACCA Helly-Hansen Soft-Shell jacket.

Featuring the BACCA logo on the left breast and rear, and the 'A' Class sail symbol on the right arm, they also feature your personal GBR sail number on the left arm and right collar.

To order, please let us know your size, (above show XL) Cost  £110 including a donation to the BACCA
Email your orders here.

Rutland Cat Open Results.

Hot sunny weather, 6-10 mph shifty winds!

1st   Phil Neal
2nd  Bob Fletcher
3rd  Dave Lowe
4th  Chris Sampson
5th  Colin Bannister
6th  Richard Bartholomew
7th  Mick Davidson
8th  Steve Sawford
9th  Jamie Walker
10th Toby Winchester
11th  Tony Lampitt
12th Gordon Upton
13th Lester Barr
rsc open
__________________________________________________European Championship Aces
The BACCA lads finished;
Chris Field 13th. Sam Newton 14th, Bob Fletcher 40th, Struan Wallace 73rd. Great job done at Circle Voile Bordeaux in a very strong field of 106. Report Here


European 'A' Class Spring Regatta, Circolo Vela Arco.  Lake Garda Report

This epic road trip stars the following BACCA luminaries; Phil Neal, Lester Barr, Mick Davidson and myself, Gordon Upton.  Also, in supporting roles, were a couple of wives and teenaged daughters, who were really just there to get daddy to pay for handbags if the truth be known...

UK National Championships 2014
Rutland SC, 26th - 28th Sept.
Online Registration - Here
Entry List - Here
NOR - Here

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